Frustrated by the lengthy wait times to get a response to your visa application? Do you urgently need an approved visa application?

YDVISAS can help you get the quick response you need to your visa application with our UKVI Premium Visa Upgrade Service.

Upgrade From Postal To Premium Service

UKVI has introduced a new Premium Visa Upgrade Service that allows to expedite your visa application. Why not take advantage of complete professional guidance from YDVISAS’ immigration experts to help you get a speedy response from the Home Office?

It’s a life line for anyone needing a fast decision on their visa application – especially if you have an urgent travel need and require documents to prove your identity. As an employer or third party, you can request to upgrade from the postal service to this premium service.

However, you can now only upgrade to a premium service if you’ve applied for a visa using one of these listed forms: SET (M), SET (O), SET (LR), SET (AF), SET (F), NTL. The fee for a premium upgrade from postal is £400 each if you are NOT visiting the Public Enquiry Office (PEO) in person or £500 if you are.

A Premium Visa Upgrade Service With Success

Whatever your situation, let YDVISAS help you achieve a successful UK visa decision so that you can seize advantage of the opportunities open to you.

YDVISAS can help by:

  • Checking your eligibility to use the Upgrade Service.
  • Checking all forms are filled correctly and compliant with current Home Office requirements.
  • Helping you to select the right Upgrade Service depending on your circumstances.
  • Processing all payment requirements on your behalf.
  • Maintaining constant communication with UKVI about this important visa application and getting regular updates.
  • Providing continued assistance until the decision is given.

What’s Next? Speak To An Expert

To take advantage of our Premium Visa Upgrade Services, or for expert advice and professional help with immigration matters, please contact the immigration team on 020 7404 7933 or email us at You can also use the form to make an enquiry.