ETS TOIEC – Section 10 Removal. Deception Cases – Home Office’s Unfair Procedure?
Concerned About ETS TOIEC Fraud Decisions?

The UK Home Office has refused to accept the ETS certificate as evidence of the English language requirement and has alleged that many candidates fraudulently obtained their TOEIC test certificates. This has led to a notification to many visa holders in the UK who are using – and have previously used – the ETS TOEIC certificate in order to establish the English language requirement criteria.

The Home Office has ruled that these affected applicants must be removed since they believe these applicants obtained their visa by deception. This decision comes as a shock for affected students as the decision was made without giving them the opportunity to rebut the allegation and provide a justification.

Many applications are being refused / rejected nowadays. Many of these affected applicants who are in the UK have been issued Removal Directions which means that they can only exercise the right to appeal from outside the UK.

How We Can Help With In-Country Appeals

We believe that in many cases the Home Office’s decision of withdrawing visas on such grounds is unlawful and unfair. We believe that every individual must be given an opportunity to prove their innocence and rebut any such allegations. We can prepare pre-action protocol for judicial review, ask the Home Office to reconsider their decision, and get you an in-country right of appeal. A recent Upper Tribunal’s ruling in favour of this stance gives support to proving an applicant’s innocence.

Proven Success With ETS TOEIC Deception Cases

We have recently challenged the Home Office regarding the unfair procedure adopted in the ETS TOEIC deception cases. The Home Office has agreed to withdraw one of their decisions, and has informed us that they will prepare another decision soon for a separate case.

What’s Next? Speak To An Expert

We are of the firm belief that such a drastic step by the Home Office could harm many innocent migrants and have a negative impact on their careers. Protect your future by contacting one of our immigration lawyers.

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