ILR Refused / Rejected? Alleged Deception? Tax Issues Involved?
Concerned About ILR Application Refusal?

The UK Home Office is refusing some ILR applications mostly under paragraph 322(2), 322(5) and 19 J (iv) alleging that the applicant has used deception either in their current application or in a previous application, and claimed points for earnings from self-employment / limited company dividends which were not declared to HMRC. In other words, that they are not paying the correct tax and earnings are therefore deemed as fabricated / not genuine income.

As a result of this rejection, applicants and their families could be removed from the UK leaving behind a career and many years’ hard work.

Case Study:

Mr. X first entered the country on a student visa, after which he switched his status to the Tier 1 (General) visa category. He had a successful Tier 1 (General) extension and now has completed five years of continuous residency. Mr. X is working full-time and is also a registered self-employed person. He had applied for an ILR on the basis of his continuous residence of five years under the Tier 1 (General) visa. He learned there was an error in filing his tax return at the time of his application which he corrected soon after. However, his ILR application has now been refused, claiming his income is not genuine and that he has used deception and fabricated his income on his ILR application.

If this sounds like a similar scenario to your case, and your intention was not to deceive HMRC and/or Home Office, we can help. Genuine mistakes can occur when submitting your tax return. We can help you avoid possible disaster in your critical UK immigration settlement application.

Experienced Legal Guidance On ILR Refused Claims Due To Tax Issues/ Deception OR Administrative Review

option 1:

If your application has been refused / rejected we can help with an ‘administrative review’ of the decision and Pre-Action Protocol OR an appeal against the decision if right of appeal is available.

option 2:

You might require help for Judicial Review if Pre-Action Protocol fails, we can refer to our subsidiary A Y & J Solicitors (

Our experienced lawyers always examine the merit of each cases and recommend the best option.

Proven Success With ILR / Settlement applications

We have recently helped many clients get their settlement after completion of five years of continuous residency under Tier 1 (General) category visa, or on the basis of ten years continuous lawful residence/long residency, and we have saved many careers as a result. Some of these cases were because of issues in filing tax declarations to the HMRC for various genuine reasons.

What’s Next? Speak To An Expert

If you’re facing a similar kind of situation, do not let your ILR / Settlement application get refused for the above mentioned reasons.

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