YDVISAS Secures SRA Status for Subsidiary

YDVISAS is excited to introduce our new SRA regulated law firm – A Y & J Solicitors!

As many of you already know, YDVISAS is continually in pursuit of excellence on behalf of our clients. We have recently been named Best Immigration Law Firm 2016 – UK in the Global Mobility, Immigration and Logistics awards. This award is the result of the dedication and passion of our teams, but it is only part of our success. Now that our subsidiary A Y & J Solicitors has secured it’s SRA status, both companies are quickly moving forward.

What does this mean for our clients? First off, A Y & J Solicitors will continue to provide the dedicated customer-oriented service that YDVISAS is known for. YDVISAS’ clients have given us over 270 excellent reviews on Trustpilot and Google, and consistently refer us to their friends and family. At A Y & J Solicitors, we will continue the values that have made YDVISAS such a success. The steady leadership of our founder Yash Dubal will continue as he guides both companies to provide top notch immigration services.

With SRA status A Y & J Solicitors is now providing increased service options to our clients, including judicial reviews. SRA status is issued by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. This honor echoes our commitment to integrity in all transactions, and a passionate focus on providing quality legal services to every client.

Yash Dubal, YDVISAS’ company director is grateful to all clients and stake holders who have been the motivation for this ongoing journey of excellence. “Looking at our quality of work and service, it was our clients’ demand to come up with SRA regulation so we can manage their judicial reviews and represent their cases to courts.”

As a subsidiary of YDVISAS, A Y & J Solicitors will continue this tradition of quality service and representation for every client. A Y & J Solicitors will passionately pursue your best interests, focusing on individualized attention, an ‘In It To Win It’ attitude, and excellent legal immigration services.

Disclaimer: The material contained in this article is for general information only, and is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. Readers should seek an appropriate professional for advice regarding their particular circumstances.
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