Super Premium Service Gets High Approval Ratings

When it was launched in 2010 the Super Premium Service was branded as a means for the ‘super rich’ to enjoy a streamlined and stress free route to a UK visa. The benefits of the Super Premium Service include having a member of UKVI staff visit the applicant at a place of their choosing to complete and ensure the correctness of the necessary documentation as well as to take their ‘biometric’ photograph and fingerprints. A further benefit of the £8,750 service was – and still is – the delivery of decisions within 24 hours.

Impressive Approval Figures

A freedom of information request six months after the scheme was launched showed there to have been a 100% success rate for applications via this route. However, since UKBI (as they were then known) refused to detail the actual number of applications  or which categories of visa they referred to, this information was of only limited utility.

MP Peter Kyle asked a parliamentary question on this point of Immigration Minister James Brokenshire MP on October 12, 2015. The minister’s written answer showed that between October 1st 2014 and September 30th 2015 385 cases were submitted. Of these only six were refused.

Service Centres

Premium Service Centres are located at Belfast, Cardiff, Croydon, Glasgow, Liverpool, Sheffield and Solihill. These centres operate on an appointment basis only. The mechanisms by which appointments may be made vary according to the type of visa being applied for. It is possible to apply in person if the applicant is applying to extend their stay in the UK (‘limited leave to remain’) or applying to settle permanently in the UK (‘indefinite leave to remain’). Up to four main applicants may be included in the application and a maximum of ten people in total including family dependents.

For those able to afford the fee the offers a convenient and highly predictable way to apply for a UK visa. Aside from the practical convenience of the application process the high level of approvals suggests that the fee, for those who are able to afford it, may represent excellent value for money.

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