Indefinite Leave to Remain Figures Make Interesting Reading

The number of applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain (also known as settlement) has fluctuated over recent years. Changes in the way certain categories are accounted for, as well as practical changes to the qualifying application period for certain classes of settlement and different accounting procedures are partly responsible for this. But as the respected Oxford Migration Observatory point out (and as much political rhetoric insists), the agency of the UK authorities is the most significant factor in determining the level of inward migration to the UK.

In 2015, the total number of non-EEA nationals applying for ILR was 152,935, a marked decrease from the figure for 2014 of 161,840. Importantly, a significant number of those applications were refused. In 2015 no fewer than 16% of all applications were refused (24,830); the corresponding figure for 2014 was 11% (17,900). In other words, applications decreased overall, but the failure rate went up. Additionally, another 4,585 (in 2014) and 2,550 (in 2015) saw their applications deemed invalid, usually on the basis of some failure to deal with the detailed paperwork involved. For those affected in this fashion, it may be possible to overturn the decision to refuse ILR.

Common Failings for ILR refused

There are multiple reasons why an application may be deemed unsatisfactory. ILR is often refused owing to a failure to complete the application fully or honestly, a failure to produce the correct documentation, or on the basis of previous tax deception issues. Applicants must be aware that the system allows little – if any – room for error or inaccuracy.

Uncertainty Going Forwards

The Oxford Migration Observatory shows that work has been the key reason for non-EEA nationals moving to the UK in recent years (either to take up an agreed position or to look for work). The same source suggests that around 43% of all immigration derives from countries outside the EEA ILR remains highly prized for the rights it grants to live and work in the UK and for its noted status as an important precursor to qualification for full British citizenship. Commentators are notably uncertain as to what effect the UK’s Brexit vote may have in terms of the numbers of people seeking to make a life for themselves in the UK. The next set of immigration statistics will make interesting reading.

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