EEA Residence and Permanent Residence Card Rejection Figures Offer a Grim Warning

Between 2014 and 2015 the number of applications for EEA residence applications remained largely stable, however an equally consistent feature of those applications was the surprisingly high proportion of applications that were unsuccessful (either refused, rejected, declared void or withdrawn). In 2014 as many as 48% of all applications were not fulfilled; the figure for 2015 was little higher at 49%. The figures for EEA permanent residence cards were equally stark at 35% and 31% failure rates respectively.

Practical Obstacles

A number of reasons have been put forward for this high rejection rate. Most obviously is the simple observation that many applicants are failing to prove their family tie and dependency to their sponsor who are EU citizens.

Cutbacks to the staffing and funding of all areas of the civil service have affected UKVI with the result that officials simply do not have the time to be able to process applications which are not 100% in line with the stipulated requirements. From the point of view of applicants this has the effect of making the process appear at best unsympathetic, and at worst actively antagonistic.

‘Invalid’ Percentage is Telling

Within the figures for EEA residence card applications and permanent residence card applications, the percentage of those which are considered ‘invalid’ (i.e voided or withdrawn) rejected, showed a notably consistent level at between 9% and 11% across all categories. Such a consistent level of invalidation is itself indicative of users struggling to contend with UKVI’s service.

On a more positive note, however, the reduction in the percentage and overall total of EEA residence card refusals does suggest that there is a growing appreciation of the way the process is now being managed. That is to say that, taken as a whole, applicants have got better at finding a way through the process successfully.

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