The sole representative visa is a category of visa that highlights the tensions between those who want to limit migration to the UK and those who want to make the nation a truly prosperous international trading nation. The sole representative visa is intended to allow employees of an overseas organisation to establish a working foothold in the UK. The underlying rationale is to enable successful overseas ventures to establish profitable trading links within the UK.

No Points Requirement

The sole representative visa is notable for the fact that applicants are not required to pass any points threshold. The visa grants an initial three year period with the option to extend that and consequently this category can lead to indefinite leave to remain. Furthermore, applicants’ dependents and unmarried partners are also entitled to join them. The standard English language requirements apply to this category of visa – for perhaps obvious reasons.

The sole representative visa is often highlighted as being targeted at workers for media organisations. Foreign correspondents are the classic example. However, it is open to any established employee of an overseas business that can show a track record either in an equivalent or related role.

Distinct From Entrepreneur Visa

It is important to note that the sole representative visas is entirely separate and distinct from the category of entrepreneur visa. Although there is a common element as regards the establishment and generation of commercial activity the sole representative is debarred from undertaking in any entrepreneurial activity beyond the scope of his employer’s business. They are required to be paid a salary by their employers sufficient to sustain themselves and any dependents during their stay in the UK The £35,000 earnings threshold does not apply.

In the wake of the Brexit vote the twin demands of boosting the UK’s international trade and being seen to be ‘tough on immigration’ mean that the sole representative visa is likely to be under a sharp spotlight.

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