The repercussions of the UK public’s vote to leave the EU are yet to play out. The future administration of the UK’s relationship with the nations of the EU and EEA are likely to be subject to considerable reworking. With immigration having been a key theme of the referendum it seems likely that there will be considerable pressure on the new Home Secretary Amber Rudd to be seen to be actively asserting the UK’s border controls.

It is too early to tell exactly what changes may be in store – Ms Rudd has barely had time to settle into her new role – but for those directly affected there is a clear imperative to act sooner rather than later.

Important to Act Swiftly

Any qualifying EEA national considering applying for British citizenship is advised to do so sooner rather than later. Already, the imposition of the requirement to obtain a UK residency card – as brought into force on November 12th 2015 – has added an additional bureaucratic obstacle to what is already a ponderous process. It has also added £65 to the total price, since this is the required fee. The requirement for a residency card has been criticised as a way to circumvent European whilst tightening up the UK’s policing of immigration numbers as a matter of UK law.

Be Aware of Further Obstacles

This points to the need for anyone intending to adopt UK citizenship to do so without delay. It is highly unlikely that any future changes will make the process any easier, less restrictive or less expensive. Likely changes are predicted to involve the introduction of a points based system, a salary threshold, and possible changes that could make more difficult to visit family in EU member states.

The announcement by the new Brexit minister David Davies that new EU migrants to the EU could be sent home points to a distinctly unsympathetic regime taking shape. For anyone intending to adopt UK citizenship there is no time to lose.

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