The Tier 5 Youth Mobility (Formerly the Working Holiday visa) is intended to allow young adults to spend an extended holiday in the UK. This category of visa is only available to those aged between 18 and 30 and it enables the holder to spend up to two years in the UK.

The Youth Mobility visa is geared towards those from a predetermined range of home countries: most notably Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Japan. The Government’s website carries a complete and up to date list of the territories and qualifications covered by the scheme.

Typically, holders will work during their stay in the UK and the terms of the visa are written to accommodate that requirement. Additionally, applicants will have to show that they have a minimum of £1,890 with which to support themselves – at least initially – once they are in the UK.

In recognition of the fact that this category of young visitor is likely to want to travel throughout Europe there is no restriction on holders leaving and then returning to the UK. The primarily recreational motivation of such visitors is fully recognised in this respect, as it is the comparatively modest fee of £230.

The primary restrictions which apply to those holding a Tier 5 visa are that they cannot claim public funds, there is no formal means to extend their stay beyond two years, and there is no right to bring family members into the UK. Additionally, there is no right to work as a professional sportsperson or coach or medical trainee (unless already qualified in the UK).

There is no scope for visitors to secure more than one Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa, or to apply for one if they previously held a working holiday visa.

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