Doing business in Austerity Britain is difficult. Doing business in the UK whilst employing non EU personnel is especially so. The ongoing uncertainty over the UK’s status as a member of the EU (how long will it be before Article 50 is invoked?) and the market disruption that it entails are the exact opposite of the conditions which large-scale organizations require in order to flourish. Britain is – for the moment at least – losing its appeal an attractive commercial location.

The sadness is that this situation exacerbates a climate that was already compromising the UK’s standing in the global marketplace. Although it attracted few headlines – and hence little if any public outcry – the increasing level of tier 2 Sponsor licence suspensions over the past two years has negatively impacted the UK’s appeal as a destination for overseas workers.

Tier 2 Labour

In nuts and bolts terms, any business that needs specialist labour that cannot be sourced from the local population is required to hold a Tier 2 Sponsor licence which gives them the right to recruit and employ non-EU personnel. Naturally there are tight rules governing the issue of such licences, but in recent months the policing of the way these licences are observed in practice has tightened up considerably.

The net result of this tightening up is that more and more businesses have suffered the damaging consequences of having their licences suspended or revoked. Without a successful appeal, the effect of a sponsor licence suspension/revocation can be ruinous. Staff lose the right to work in the UK and the business is denied their specialist input.

Business Viability Hit

As far back as 2012 the total number of suspensions – as revealed under a freedom of information request – was 646. Anecdotally, and based on the number of enquiries we receive at YDVISAS, that figure has been increasing year on year ever since. For every one of those suspensions tens, if not hundreds of livelihoods have been put at risk. In the process the viability of the businesses concerned has been jeopardised.

Doing business in the UK is far from straightforward at the moment, and the rigorous policing of Tier 2 sponsor licence holders’ activities is hardly making it any easier. In the process the reputation of the UK as a place to do business, or as a possible destination for the world’s brightest and best talents to work, is diminished.

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