The sole representative visa is designed to allow workers of an existing organization (often a media business) to work for that organization within the UK. The classic example is of a foreign correspondent for a newspaper or TV company, although there are, of course, many different strands of commercial activity that can benefit from having a presence in the UK.

Applying for a Sole representative visa is relatively straightforward, provided you have ensured that you meet all of the necessary criteria beforehand. These are not overly complex and are well laid out on the UK Government’s web pages.

1. A business-like Procedure

A key requirement is to show that you are an employee of an established business. Someone setting up their own company as a means to then start doing business in the UK is not what the visa is intended to facilitate. Furthermore, any candidate needs to be able to demonstrate that they are qualified to operate at a professional level. It is therefore important that the administration of your parent organization (which must be based outside the UK) is aware of the requirements. Problems may arise if someone applies for a visa without the full backing of their head office’s personnel department.

2. English Language Requirement

An easily overlooked element of the visa is the English language requirement. Anyone considering an application must consider their level of English fluency – partly because this is the principal means of doing business in the UK, but most importantly because in the short term passing the English language test is a condition of the visa (Applicants from some countries are exempt from this requirement, e.g. USA, Australia, New Zealand).

3. Not an Entrepreneurial Venture

It is important to bear in mind that the sole representative visa, whilst it is intended to facilitate business activity (in whatever sector) it is distinct and separate from a specifically entrepreneurial start up – this is catered for under the terms of the tier 1 entrepreneur visa. Preparing for a sole representative visa starts with recognising this distinction.

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