The Sole Representative Visa is a little used device that allows overseas businesses to establish a foothold in the UK. This type of visas necessarily is intended for non-EEA citizens – since those workers already have the right to live and work within the UK. But if an overseas business can demonstrate that it intends to establish a UK outpost, and that it needs to send an established member of its staff to oversee its operation, the Sole Representative visa is the ideal vehicle.

Media Focus

The visa is especially apt for media workers – A UK-based foreign correspondent is precisely the type of employee intended to be served by the Sole Representative visa. Similar categories of visas are widely available in other countries. However, provided a solid business case and suitable documentary evidence can be established there is no restriction on the type of business that may apply.

For the individual appointed under the terms of the Sole Representative there is much to recommend it. Dependant family members are entitled to join the appointee and should his position be sustained over a sufficient period (five years) he or she will qualify for indefinite leave to remain. Visas are initially granted for a three-year period with a two-year extension following on from that. There is no limit to the number of times the visa can be extended.

Employees Only

It is important to note that this category of visa is not entitled to those in business for themselves: it only applies to company employees. At the point where that employment comes to an end – for whatever reason – the rights granted under the terms of the visa expire.

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