Tier 2 Sponsor Licenses are granted for four years at a time. This means that every four years companies must apply for a Tier 2 Sponsor License Renewal. Ordinarily this is a routine matter of submitting a request via the electronic Sponsor Management System, and generating and completing the required submission sheet. Renewal applications cannot ordinarily be made more than three months from the end of the initial licence period.

Additional details

In some cases UKBA will request further details from employers and this will be done within the first seven days of the application. If this is the case, a failure to provide the requested information can lead to an immediate rejection of the application.

In line with the regular operation of Tier 2 administration, a visit by UKBA inspectors may also be undertaken. Whilst this may be seen as cause for concern, it is an increasingly routine aspect of the Tier 2 governance. As long as the record keeping requirements are up to date there should be nothing to worry about.

Premium service

In some cases – usually where licence holders have been especially active users of the Sponsor Management System – licence holders will be allowed to apply earlier than is ordinarily the case and will enjoy a fast-track streamlining of the process. A Premium Service Support Team will administer such renewals as part of a more expensive (£25,000 or £8,000) service package.

Necessarily, failure to renew a licence will automatically result in the suspension of the right to issue any further Certificates of Sponsorship. It will also cause the reduction of the leave granted to workers to just 60 days. Thirdly, the company details will be removed from the public register of sponsors.

If the licence has been operated to the standards required by UKBA the renewal process should be relatively trouble free. However, as the evidence of numerous Tier 2 Sponsor License Renewal rejections makes plain, that does not mean that companies should take anything for granted.

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