Talks are under way between the NHS and Indian-based Apollo Hospitals to help bridge the shortage of GPs in the UK.

The NHS training and employment arm Health Education England (HEE) is predicting more than 5,000 GPs will be recruited by 2020 and had to recruit more than 3,000 by this year.

According to media reports HEE has signed a memorandum of understanding(MOU) with Apollo Hospitals to share medical staff and help meet the government target.

It is understood that the two organizations have not finalised plans but are discussing the possibility of GPs coming into the UK from India on Tier 2 Visas.

Doctor Ramesh Mehta said in an interview with GP magazine Pulse, which revealed the MOU, that it was “a pity” HEE had to go abroad to recruit GPs.

Mehta, who is the president of the British Association of Practitioners of Indian Origin, went on to say that GPs arriving in the UK on Tier 2 Visas would need “proper support and mentoring” to avoid any problems which may arise when working in the UK.

Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, Lord Hunt, said that it was crucial for doctors arriving in the UK from overseas to undergo strict testing prior to being allowed to practice in Britain.

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