More EU migrants are now moving to the UK to work, according to the official labour force statistics. Cited in an article by The Guardian, 224,000 EU migrants came into the UK for work in 2015, pushing the number of workers to 2.15 million.

However, in contrast to the record number of EU migrants coming to the UK, the amount of non-EU workers in the country has remained relatively unchanged in the past year.

Technically known as Tier 2 Visa applicants, or those that are sponsored to come and work in the UK by a recognised company, these migrants remained almost static, with official figures showing that there are now 1.19 million non-EU workers in the UK.

Tier 2 Licence Renewals are Hot Topics

One of the reasons for the contrast in totals between EU and non-EU workers is the removal of restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian migrants. However, there has also been an increase in the number of spot checks being performed on Tier 2 sponsors.

As noted in the YDVISAS blog in May, Tier 2 Sponsor licence renewals are now becoming a hot topic among government officials.

Wanting to crackdown on the number of companies flouting the Tier 2 sponsorship rules, UK Border Agency (UKBA) officials are now performing unscheduled checks on registered businesses to ensure all data kept on file is accurate and up to date.

Spot Checks Making Non-EU Employers a Target

The rise in spot checks is a direct result of continued criticism of the UKBA and its supposed failure to effectively regulate the number of illegal immigrants in the UK.

This crackdown on businesses and Tier 2 licence renewals has started to impact the number of non-EU workers now in the UK and, should companies fail to meet the strict guidelines, those numbers could continue to fall.

With this in mind, UK businesses employing non-EU migrants are now being encouraged to review all the necessary Tier 2 licensing information.

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