The UK Border Agency’s Super Premium Service is designed to enable applicants to have their visa applications processed urgently – the Super Premium Service is open to Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4 and Tier 5 applicants. Historically, the service has been seen as a concession to the so-called super-rich – professional footballers and their ilk. However, it may also be taken up by less high-profile professionals who need to retain their working status as a matter of preserving their UK-based careers.

High fees

The fee of £8,750 (plus £500 per person) for the Super Premium Service, which applies over and above the standard fees per visa type, means that the service is not one likely to be taken lightly. Perhaps not surprisingly, the take up of the service has been limited.

There seems to be little interest in such a relatively expensive premium service just for the sake of it. Whilst the service does offer a 24-hour processing time and it also allows applicants to make their applications without having to visit a UKBA premises, there are few individuals for whom this level of service might be worth more than £9,000.

A potential career saver

More realistically, the service is likely to be of use only to those who, for whatever reason, find themselves in a position that requires them to extend their leave to remain (either limited leave to remain or indefinite leave to remain) at short notice. For these individuals, the Super Premium Service may constitute a career saver.

There have been a number of Freedom of Information requests asking precisely how many Super Premium Service applications have been made, but UKBA has been conspicuously coy on the subject. All the indications are that the service has only been used by a handful of applicants since it was introduced in April 2010.

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