There has been considerable discussion concerning the UK’s ability to provide its own home-grown specialist, professional labour. This has, perhaps inevitably, overlapped with high-profile debates concerning the treatment of workers from overseas who are increasingly important in key areas of the UK’s commercial landscape.

Government has even acknowledged the importance of being able to recruit suitably qualified workers in the health, engineering and IT sectors. In November 2015, the government published an amended Tier 2 shortage occupation list which allowed concessions for workers in key identified sectors. Prominent amongst the occupations identified as being under-supplied were those in the field of E-commerce.

Supply side boost

But whilst this concession offers a potential supply side solution to fast developing IT companies’ needs for suitably qualified and capable staff, the demands placed on Tier 2 Sponsor Licence holders are onerous. The recruitment of overseas staff as a solution to growth and development issues is not without qualification.

Although government is committed on the one hand to attracting the ‘brightest and the best’ international talents to the UK, the current anti-immigration thrust of much government rhetoric and policy is at odds with this. The tightening up of the policing of Tier 2 licenses, and the notable rise in licence revocations and suspensions in recent months, is a direct result of such a policy thrust. The result is that companies that, by their nature, are fast moving, agile and dynamic in nature are obliged to take on an administrative burden that works as a break on their business activity.

Administrative brake

It goes without saying that the suspension or revocation of a licence can have serious impacts on any company. But with UKBA inspectors insisting on a wholly accurate and up-to-date record of all aspects of Tier 2 employees at all times, and suspending or revoking licenses where these standards are not met, the engagement of Tier 2 qualifying workers is a matter that E-commerce professionals should fully explore before committing themselves.

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