“In a knowledge economy, the most important resources are the talented people we educate and attract to our country,” Zuckerberg wrote in an editorial in The Washington Post. The same mismatch between the commercial imperative to be able to attract the world’s best talents and the political rhetoric of immigration control is also being played out in the UK in 2016.


Nowhere is the demand for top talent as pressing as it is in the IT sector. The Coalition for the Digital Economy (Coadec) which represents 235 of the UK’s most prominent IT leaders wrote to the government to express their concern at the Home Office’s plans to limit the number of non EU migrant workers coming to the UK.

The increasingly difficult administrative hurdles that Tier 2 visa sponsors must negotiate, as well as the growing pattern of Tier 2 sponsor licence suspension/revocation, is putting a serious brake on IT company competitiveness and viability in the UK.

In a global marketplace, seemingly minor barriers – such as the restriction on Tier 2 visa worker dependents working in the UK – are rapidly making the UK a non-option for the brightest and the most sought-after IT talents. It goes without saying, the families of such individuals typically are themselves highly skilled.


Former Home Office advisor and immigration expert Jonathan Beech has described companies having their licences revoked for the most minor errors in record keeping. Such harsh judgements themselves send a powerful signal, he insists.

Beech has additionally pointed to the fundamental uncertainty that continual political intervention is generating. “Skilled workers won’t look at the UK as a long-term job option because the immigration rules are so susceptible to change,” he told the economia website

At all points the government’s immigration stance is dangerously at odds with its pro-business rhetoric. For IT companies in particular, the current regime of Tier 2 Sponsor Licence suspension / revocation is something that no-one in the industry likes.

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