What Our Client Wanted?

One of our client came to us for assistance because he wanted to visit the UK to start up his own business. He had £200,000 of funds and fulfilled all requirements for the visa to be granted.

How We Helped?

This Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa application was prepared by our lawyers at the highest standard with all required documentation. We also took help from a third party who prepared an accurate business plan with all financial projections. The applicant and his dependents applied for their visa from abroad and were expecting a call for an interview from the Home Office.

But, the visa was granted within a short period of time and our client was not called in for the interview. It is a great achievement for us and our team that we prepared this application in a way that it was extremely professional and up to the point in terms of precise attention to detail.

The client was granted his visa and is now in the UK with his family, looking forward to set up his business.

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Yash Dubal
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With over seven years of experience in setting up this company and advising over a thousand clients, Yash holds a great passion for the job he does and the results he wants to achieve for his clients. A man with 'In it to Win it' approach, he holds a strong acumen in terms of client requirements and getting things done with the maximum commitment providing 100% satisfaction.