One of our client and her widowed mother will be very soon living together in the UK.

We challenged and won the decision against the Home Office where the dependent relative visa for her mother was refused on the ground that she would have had adequate care in her home country. We won the appeal for our client by challenging this decision at the First Tier Tribunal. Our client had British settlement..

The argument that we put forward were to justify the facts are:

  • 1. The mother had no one in her home country who could take care of her
  • 2. She had a disease which even though was not life threatening but would require to be monitored closely
  • The visa refusal had made our client very anxious and stressed. When she came to us, we assured her that we would put in all our efforts to win this appeal on her behalf and bring her mother to the UK. We successfully convinced the immigration judge that her mother had a disease which was required to be monitored even though it was not life threatening..

    It was great to see a smile back on our client’s face and we wish to extend our services to anyone who would be in a similar situation and would want our expert advice and services regarding bringing their Adult Dependent Relative..

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