Why Having A Sponsor Licence Audit Is So Important For Sports Clubs

The majority of elite sports clubs need a Sponsor Licence to fulfill their need for skilled sports professionals.

As a Sponsor Licence holder you may be subject to a surprise audit from the Home Office at any time to confirm compliance and must operate within full compliance of all guidelines set out by them. There are many challenges to maintaining compliance, including aspects of recruitment, HR systems, and ongoing records management and, if a violation occurs, the Home Office can suspend or revoke your Sponsor Licence at any time at their discretion – without any notice and without the opportunity to file an appeal.

A Bespoke Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit For Sports Clubs

YDVISAS can ensure that you are fully informed about how to remain in compliance with this sponsorship. With a Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit, YDVISAS will evaluate all areas of your team and player management that fall within Home Office regulations. Our thorough audit will highlight any areas of concern, and provide detailed instructions specific to your organisation on how to achieve full compliance.

How To Be Prepared For A Home Office Audit

You must be properly prepared for all Home Office audits, whether announced or unannounced. Failing to maintain all proper documentation may not only impact immediate sponsorship, but could be detrimental to your long-term ability to attract top talent. If you don’t take action to ensure you protect and maintain compliancy, your organisation could suffer significantly.

We understand the importance of these sponsorships to your business, and we have direct experience with Sponsor Licences for Sports Clubs. Our immigration law experts can help protect you from the loss of your Sponsor Licence.

How We Can Help You With A Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit

YDVISAS has years of experience with Tier 2 Sponsor Licence matters. We are an award winning firm that gives excellent customer service to each client with the best possible results.

We can provide you with a Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit to help you achieve full compliance with your sponsorship duties and retain your valuable sponsored skilled players.

Our Assurance

Our Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit is a complete solution to give you total peace of mind. We have the utmost confidence that you will receive 100% value for your investment. If you are not satisfied with our services we will refund your fees in full – no questions asked. It’s as simple as it sounds.

What’s Next? Speak To An Expert

For expert advice and professional help with any Sponsor Licence matter, please contact our immigration team on 020 7404 7933 or email us at contact@ydvisas.com. You can also use the form to make an enquiry.

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