• Running a Restaurant / Retail / Ecommerce Business?
  • Facing difficulties putting immigration compliance systems in place?
  • Worried about Retaining Your Sponsored Skilled Workers?
  • Concerned about Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Suspension/Revocation

What is happening?

In recent months, Home Office has increased the number of announced and unannounced visits to organisations and businesses with Tier 2 Sponsor Licences. These visits are in search of violators of Tier 2 sponsorship requirements. Any business found to be in breach of their sponsor duties may face suspension / revocation of their Sponsor Licence without any right of appeal.

How We Can Help – Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit

If you are concerned about retaining your sponsored skilled work force, our Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit will help you achieve full compliance with your Tier 2 sponsorship duties, ensuring you can retain your valuable sponsored skilled workforce.

YDVISAS Offers the Solution

YDVISAS offers a full Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit. This service is designed for the restaurant, retail and Ecommerce industry. With this Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit you receive a full evaluation of all sponsorship aspects of your business. The following areas are of special note, and are covered fully:

  • ‘Right to Work’ checks
  • Industry specific reporting and record keeping duties
  • Proper conducting of Residence Labour Market Tests (RLMT)
  • Systems for managing unpaid leave, sick leave, and genuine vacancy issues
  • HR systems for maintaining current and historical contact details of all sponsored employees

Our Guarantee – Complete Peace of Mind

We know that managing stringent sponsorship duties is complex and challenging. Our Sponsor Licence Compliance Audit is a complete solution.

We have the utmost confidence that you will receive 100% value for your investment. If you are not satisfied with our services we will refund your fees in FULL, no questions asked. It’s as simple as it sounds.

Our Success

We have helped business of all types maintain their Tier 2 Sponsor Licences, even after suspension/revocation, and help them to retain their Non-EU skilled workforce. Our experts in immigration law work passionately and tirelessly to achieve excellent results for our clients.

What’s Next? – Speak to an Expert

For expert advice, please contact the immigration team at 020 7404 7933 or write to us at contact@ydvisas.com should you need professional help with any Sponsor Licence Matter. You may also use the form to make an inquiry.