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Have you received a visa refusal from Home Office?


Did you know that a Home Office decision against your application could be reversed?


An administrative review is a request for a review of a Home Office initial visa decision. With the right information, documents, and case laws you can overturn the Home Office decision.


Case Study

Ms. XYZ applied for a student visa in order to take a course of study in the UK. She had been accepted into an elite program and was excited about the opportunity. However, her application was refused, citing a long-past clearance refusal she had received when she had been exploring Europe during a gap year. Ms. XYZ found the explanation from Home Office confusing, and was worried that her hard work to attend the program would be in vain.


On the advice of an associate, Ms. XYZ contacted Immigration Lawyer for help. Experienced Lawyer carefully reviewed her application and determined that a request for an admin review was an appropriate course of action.


Immigration Lawyer sat down with Ms. XYZ and developed a strong grounds of review for her application. Evidence of further successful entries to the UK was procured, along with a clear explanation of her qualifications for the visa. The admin review proceeded quickly and favorably due to careful preparation and quick action. Ms. XYZ is now living her dream of studying in the UK.


How Do I Request An Admin Review?

If you are entitled to an admin review, it will state this in your refusal letter. Your refusal letter will also include an application form for a review, or instructions on how to download the form.


At this point, it is advised that you contact an immigration lawyer for advice and assistance. Knowledge of the current details of immigration law may be critical for a successful admin review.


You may need to gather strong evidence to show why the refusal was in error. Be sure to respond to any issue listed in your refusal letter.


All communication with UKVI should be carried out in a professional and respectful way. Your immigration lawyer can help you respond with the right wording and language.


You have 14 calendar days (for in UK decisions) or 28 calendar days (or entry clearance decisions) after receiving a refusal letter to apply for an admin review. Exceptions to this time limit are almost never given, so be sure you submit your application in time.


In your refusal letter you will be told how to apply for an admin review. Be sure to follow these instructions. You will also need to include payment of £80. If your review is successful, UKVI will refund your fee.


Important Notes

Check your refusal letter for the date UKVI expected you to receive your letter. If you received it after this date, and you need the full 14 or 28 days to respond you must include proof of when you received the letter.


Be sure that you have responded with evidence to any claim against you in your refusal letter. If UKVI has requested any information, you must include this as part of your application. The full guidance on applying for an administrative review can be found at


You will receive an answer from UKVI within 28 days of your request.


Only apply for an administrative review if your letter states that you may request one. If it does not, and you feel the decision was in error, contact an immigration lawyer for immediate direction.


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Disclaimer: The material contained in this article is for general information only, and is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. Readers should seek an appropriate professional for advice regarding their particular circumstances.
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