Calls to Guarantee Rights of EU Citizens in the UK

A campaign group is calling on the government to assure non-British nationals in the UK that they have the right to remain in the country.

The3million group, set up with the aim of securing the rights of EU citizens in the wake of the Brexit vote, has written to the government asking Prime Minister Theresa May to guarantee the right of those EU citizens living lawfully in the UK to remain in the country after Brexit.

According to an article in the Guardian the letter is signed by 10 organisations which represent the “estimated 1.3 million British people living in Europe”.

The letter, according to the Guardian, says: “We are not bargaining chips, we are people…In the Christmas spirit, we call on you to make a public statement guaranteeing those rights now.” The groups which have signed the letter to the government represent UK nationals living in Gibraltar, Spain, Germany, France, Finland and Belgium, states the Guardian article. Mrs May has said that she will only guarantee the rights of EU nationals in the UK when the rights of British people living in Europe were guaranteed.

The article goes to say with a backlog of 100,000 applications, the 3million group warned that up to one million EU citizens living in the UK could be at risk from deportation due to the complicated manner in which the Home Office is dealing with certain individuals’ rights to remain in the UK.

A statement on the group’s website said: “While numbers have risen to an all-time high, the figures clearly show the current system will not be able to process the 3 million non-British EU citizens currently living and working in the UK and support their right to remain. “Based on the latest data it would take 47 years to register the 3 million EU citizens currently living and working in the UK.”

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