Naturalisation and How to Prepare for the Life in the UK Citizenship Test

The Life in the UK Test must be taken as part of your application for British citizenship UK or settlement unless exemption applies. It is just one step in the undertaking of gaining British citizenship by naturalisation and you should check to ensure you are eligible before taking the test. It should be taken at the test centre that is closest to your residence, must be booked three days in advance and costs £50. The actual test consists of twenty-four questions based on the information in the official handbook for the Life in the UK Test and each applicant will have forty-five minutes to answer the questions. The test can be a daunting prospect for many people and YDVISAS can provide useful pointers for those people looking to complete this process.

Everything you need to know is in the official handbook and as an applicant, you should be prepared to purchase the book and study all of its 180 pages if you hope to achieve the 75% pass grade. Any words that you are unacquainted with should be checked in the Glossary or a dictionary. The test is primarily designed to assess applicants’ knowledge of English life, but it also acts as a language test. Therefore, it should be studied for language knowledge to avoid making a regrettable and costly exam error of misunderstanding the question or terms used. Attempting test sample questions are a good way to prepare, although the sample questions are reportedly more difficult than the actual test.

You should be prepared to select more than one correct answer for a number of the questions. The modified multiple choice questions require compound answers or even ‘all-of-the-above’ to be selected. This question structure can cause some applicants to be baffled and make a chaotic selection under the pressure of a timed exam. You should take your time to assess what response the question requires and make an educated choice based on what you can recollect from your studies.

Once you have passed the test, keep the test certificate in a safe place. Loss of this certificate will require paying for and taking the test again.

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