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The UK education sector is famously an international market leader. UK government also prefer to increase the chances that attract international students and continue to make the UK student visa process more flexible. With some of the most famous, prestigious and well-resourced universities anywhere in the world the UK continues to attract the brightest and best international students at all levels – from undergraduate to post-doctorate. But the unique status of UK universities is under threat.

Universities UK – the body that represents the totality of higher education establishments in the UK – consistently argues for the need to attract international students and insists that the UK government should make it crystal clear that the UK is eager to welcome international students and to help them find post-study working opportunities. This lobbying is all the more pertinent as recent figures have shown that the UK is facing increasing competition for those international students.

Straightforward Visa Terms

In terms of the Tier 4 student visa requirements, studying in the UK may going to be straightforward.  Once a place on a course is secured the visa can be applied for within three months of the start date. It allows for the applicant to spend up to a month in the UK prior to the formal start of the course (if the course is longer than six months) in order to establish housing etc. It is also possible to work alongside study. The Tier 4 visa costs £328 per person, and the healthcare surcharge also applies.

A ‘Conformation of Acceptance for Studies’ (CAS) form is issued by the institution once it has offered a course place, and this will need to be presented to UKVI officials along with passport details, a recent photograph, proof of English language competence and proof of financial support (equivalent to £800 monthly).

Fresh Scrutiny Looms

In July the new Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she was to review the current student visa scheme, suggesting that it needs ‘tightening up’ as part of a broader ‘crack down’ on immigration. This news was greeted with alarm by the universities themselves as well as the government department for Business, Innovation and Skills who argue strongly for the value that international students bring to the UK. A recent study found that London-based international students alone contributed a net £2.3 billion annually to the UK economy.

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