Finance Chief: UK ‘Will Not’ Shut out Highly Skilled Workers

Highly skilled workers from the EU will not be “shut out” after Britain triggers Article 50, according to UK finance chief Phillip Hammond.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Mr Hammond reassured businesses that whatever powers the UK will have over immigration, it will use them responsibly once the UK formally leaves the EU.

“We will use them in a way that supports the UK economy and we will certainly not use them to shut out highly-skilled people – whether they are bankers or software engineers or managers in global companies – out from the UK when their presence is supporting inward investment and growth in our economy,” he said.

He said that border controls will be used “responsibly” and that if immigrants are good for the economy, they will be welcomed with open arms.

There has been much speculation over whether the UK will impose a “soft” Brexit meaning the UK keeps many of the advantages of being part of the EU, while losing some freedom over its policies or a “hard” Brexit where we opt out of the single market, meaning our trade with the EU becomes more expensive.

Mr Hammond added: “We’re the world’s fifth-largest economy and creating a relationship between the European Union and the world’s fifth-largest economy is going to be a complex process for which there is no model,” he said. “So it will be a bespoke model. We should be looking for a good Brexit – not a hard Brexit or a soft Brexit.”

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