Article 50 to be Triggered ‘No Later than March 2017’

The UK will decide for itself how to control immigration and will leave the EU before March 2017, the Prime Minister has stated.

Speaking at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, Prime Minister Theresa May said post Brexit the UK would still be: “close friends, allies and trading partners with our European neighbours,” but the country would pass its own laws and govern itself.

The UK voted to leave the EU in June; a process which cannot be carried out until Article 50 has been invoked.

Mrs May said this would happen: “no later than the end of March next year.”

She added: “We have voted to leave the European Union and become a fully-independent, sovereign country.

“We will decide for ourselves how we control immigration. And we will be free to pass our own laws.”

The prime minister said the authority of EU law would come to an end with the presentation to parliament of a Great Repeal Bill, which will remove the European Communities Act.

The passing of the historic bill means the legislation that gives direct effect to all EU law in the UK will no longer apply once the UK leaves the EU.

She said: “Our laws will be made not in Brussels but in Westminster. The judges interpreting those laws will sit not in Luxembourg but in courts in this country. The authority of EU law in Britain will end.”

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