At YDVISAS, we have recently helped two of our clients who had their sponsor licence revoked and had no right to appeal. We successfully got their Tier 2 Sponsor Licence re-instated.

What is happening?

In the recent months, the Home Office has visited organisations and businesses who hold Tier 2 Sponsor Licence, in order to check if their business is complying with the Tier 2 sponsor licence duties.

If the business is found to be in breach of their sponsor duties, the Home Office has the right to revoke the sponsor licence without any right of appeal. Does this mean that all the non EU skilled workforce has to leave the UK and your business has to suffer? The clear answer is NO.

In our case, the Home Office had argued that the sponsored migrants had not complied with the job duties that were mentioned on the Certificate of Sponsorship. The Home Office therefore had a concern with the genuine vacancy requirement. The Home office was also concerned about the sponsor’s general duties, migrant tracking & reporting and record keeping & recruitment practices.

How did we deal with this?

Even though there was no right of appeal, we helped the business to challenge the decision through a pre action protocol for Judicial Review.

In order to have our client’s sponsor licence re-instated, we prepared strong grounds against the Home Office’s revocation decision. We gave every possible evidence in order to prove as to why the decision to revoke the licence was unreasonable and unlawful. We were therefore successful in reinstating not only the licence but also safeguarding the jobs of the employees on Tier 2 visas.

Happy to help

If you, your business or your friends are in any need of advice on recruiting NON-EU skilled worker and/or their Tier 2 Sponsor Licence suspension/revocation, please call us now at 020 7404 7933 or write to us at

How to Deal With Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Suspension?

How to Deal With Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Suspension?

testimonial-1 Well done YDVISAS

We are in hospitality industry and hold Tier 2 sponsor licence which has been reinstated after a revocation by the Home office. I must say that YDVISAS played a vital role as our legal adviser and helped us not only save our highly skilled work force but saved the entire business. I would thank the lawyers at YDVISAS and would recommend very highly to any business who requires advice/support in relation to Tier 2 sponsor licence matter. – P Ramajiyani – GM – Regal Spice”

P Ramajiyani
testimonial-1 Brilliant Service

I would like to thank you for a wonderful service that was provided. I was always kept updated with the progress. The personal guidance was fantastic and I would recommend Yash for anyone wanting help sorting their Tier 2 Visa. All the team members were very helpful.”

Sujit Patel
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Yash Dubal
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