London needs its own visa system to allow skilled workers from the EU to remain, according to one of the capital’s top business leaders.

Chief executive of London Chamber of Commerce Colin Stanbridge said it was “crucial” for the capital’s economy to have a flow of migrant workers without which: “our city would slowly grind to a halt”.

Speaking to City A.M. he said: “London is a city built on immigration, and that is what makes us a great city.”

Mr Stanbridge called on London Mayor Sadiq Khan to set up a visa system for London in partnership with his Business Advisory Council which would allow skilled workers to stay in the capital.

Concern has already been expressed for the loss of jobs in the financial sector as companies may lose their “passport” rights to operate in the EU and have to relocate to Paris or Frankfurt if Britain leaves the single market.

Mr Khan is currently seeking reassurances over the hundreds of thousands of EU citizens working in the capital and is requesting future answers on visas for those companies wanting to set up in London.

He has already had a meeting with Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney on how the city can protect its status and remain a major financial centre.

An estimated 920,000 people work in financial and business services in London.

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