The EEA Permanent residence card is required for any qualifying EU or EEA national to be able to make the transition from permanent residence to full UK citizenship. The card itself is, in effect, a certificate of that person’s legal status. The legal right to permanent residence itself is not something that has to be applied for, it is simply a legal right that is granted once the three or five year qualifying period (and other criteria) has been met. However, in order to exercise the benefits of that right in the context of a switch to full British nationality it is now necessary to apply for and produce an EEA Permanent residence card.

This requirement was introduced on 12th November 2015. Prior to that date there was no requirement to produce an EEA residence card. Similar requirements were also put in place at that time in relation to the rights of EEA nationals sponsoring family members.

Changes Predicted

In the wake of the UK referendum and the UK’s vote to leave the EU there are likely to be significant changes to the terms under which EU and EEA citizens are granted rights in relation to their migration to the UK. At this point in time it is impossible to predict what those changes may be. In this context, a certificate such as the EEA residence card that evidences a person’s right to live and work in the UK is likely to assume a heightened significance.

Practical Impact

Although little discussed in the public realm, the effects of Brexit are likely to see the profile and significance of residency cards raised in the months ahead.

Post Brexit, In practical terms a residency card may help in proving a person’s right to work in the UK to prospective employers. In the absence of such documentary evidence employers may be disinclined to accept a person’s right to work since they may themselves face some form of consequence. A residency card may also facilitate the process of applying for benefits and services.

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