Tier 2 Sponsoring organisations should be aware that they may be subject to a compliance audit at any time. The temptation is to assume that an audit will simply take place at the point where a licence is due for renewal, however, UKBA are legally entitled to conduct a ‘spot check’ at any time. This means that sponsors need to ensure that they are always in a position to satisfy the requirements of any inspection. Here are our top tips on how to survive a tier 2 compliance audit.

1. Be Prepared

Compliance is something that needs constant and continual monitoring. Any detail, however small, needs to be recorded and justified at every turn. Being prepared is a state of mind as much as any practical activity.

2. Get Checked

More and more organisations are undertaking their own tests as a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the real thing. YDVISA’s qualified and experienced immigration experts will be happy to show you how this can work.

3. Know the Detail

In most cases there are some minor points that the inspectors will want clarification on: a ready grasp of the detail and sensible reasons for any confusion can go a long way to making your case.

4. Be Co-operative

Make sure all affected staff are available whenever an inspection takes place. UKBA will take a dim view of ‘missing’ workers. An inspection can feel quite hostile, but it is important to remember the people involved are simply doing their jobs. The more co-operative and open you can be, the better an impression they will leave with. That can only help.

5. Keep Checking the Paperwork

Maintaining up to date, comprehensive and clear records is a fundamental requirement of the Tier 2 programme. It is not something that should ever be taken for granted.

6. Use Professional Advice

There is nothing wrong with having an immigration lawyer on site during an inspection. Over and above any direct input, having a qualified professional on-site will show how seriously you take the inspection.

7. Don’t Fear Delegation

The inspectorate are looking for robust systems – not a single individual who knows everything. They will be impressed if your tier 2 administration is intrinsic to the whole business. A Tier 2 licence cannot simply be an add-on to your day to day activity – it has be seen to be fully integrated into the DNA of the organisation.

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Disclaimer: The material contained in this article is for general information only, and is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. Readers should seek an appropriate professional for advice regarding their particular circumstances.
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