With as many as 15% of Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Renewal applications routinely rejected, the time leading up to the end of the four year licence period is critical. Applications for an extension, which can be made in the three months leading up to the expiry of the licence, are required to be made via the online Sponsor Management System, along with payment of the appropriate fee. The fee will depend, in part, on the size of the organisation and its annual turnover.

Inspections Allow No Room For Relaxation

One of the conditions of the renewal which has caused licence holders problems in the past is UKBA’s right to stage an on-site inspection in order to validate all aspects of the application. This is no more than an extension of UKBA’s right to stage such inspections whenever they deem it necessary, but the point at which a licence is up for renewal appears to be a particularly apt point for them to do so.

Proactive Prevention

Increasingly, organisations in this position take the proactive step of holding their own audit of their processes, often hiring a qualified expert such as YDVISAS to cast an independent, but highly informed eye over their administration of their Tier 2 obligations. No matter how diligent an organisation attempts to be, there is no substitute for bringing in a third party who will be more inclined to scrutinise the operation of the licence in a way that is not clouded by the ‘common sense’ operation of the business itself.

Key Issues To Avoid

Reasons for rejecting renewal applications include poor record keeping, failure to make timely replies to requests for information, failure to notify the authorities of changes to the structure of the company and failing to establish ‘genuine’ vacancy requirements. Each of these may be sufficient to prevent a Tier 2 licence Renewal. The period leading up to a Tier 2 licence renewal is when the motto ‘better safe than sorry’ is particularly relevant. Licence renewals don’t have to be cause for alarm.

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