For non EEA workers whose multi-national companies require them to work in the UK on a full time basis the Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer (ICT) Visa represents a formal means to enable that. The key criteria for this type of specialist visa are that job function cannot be filled by a UK native, that the sponsoring organisation is able to secure a certificate of sponsorship and a reference number for the individual concerned, and that the salary involved is what UKBA deem ‘appropriate’ for the work carried out. An additional requirement is that the applicant meets UKBA’s 60-point threshold on the UK immigration points test and satisfies the English Language requirements.

In most cases the applicant is additionally required to show that she or he has £945 with which to sustain themselves for the first month of their stay, although this may not be required if the sponsor is ‘A rated’ and they can guarantee that the candidate will be fully supported and accommodated.

Long and Short Term ICTs

Different categories of employment are catered for under the terms of the ICT and they carry different determinations of what constitutes an ‘appropriate salary’. These salary rates can be found in the government website’s codes of practice guidance notes. A generic salary figure of £41,500 is set for long-term staff applicants, whereas the figure for short term staff, graduate trainees or skills transfer applicants (those wishing to either learn or pass on key commercial knowledge) is set at £24,800.

Fixed Time Scale

The timescale for ICTs is quite straightforward. Long term ICTs are valid for an initial three-year period which may be extended to five years, whilst short term ICTs are valid for twelve months only. During the course of each category of visa employees may leave and return to the UK as their needs dictate.

Spouses and dependents are permitted to accompany the applicant during their stay in the UK. Intra Company visas do, in the case of extended long term visas, grant applicants the right to claim indefinite leave to remain.

Despite much of the political rhetoric concerning immigration issues in the UK media, the UK remains an economy which is open to – and increasingly dependent on– labour from outside the EEA.

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