The business visitor visa is – as the name makes clear – intended to enable people to travel to the UK in order to do business here. There is a long list of the activities which the visa disallows, including changing the nature of the business or customer base during the stay, but for those who are involved in an established business which has a legitimate interest in transacting business in the UK the UK Business visa represents a straightforward point of entry.

A Distinct Purpose

The business visa is valid for six months, which can be extended to twelve months in the case of academic professorial placements. There is no scope within the terms of the visa to allow for any dependents – if these are to travel they must do so under the terms of their own independent visa application. The business visa is issued for the distinct purpose of professional activity. Unlike those workers seeking direct employment in the UK, applicants are required to be salaried by a non-UK based employer.

Rising Numbers

Government statistics show that in the year ending March 2016 a total of 163,857 work visas were granted, representing a 4% reduction on the figure for the equivalent period to March 2015. The greatest number of visas were granted to migrants from China, India and the United States, with the first two sources showing a 22% and 13% year on year increase respectively. Irrespective of debates over the EU, it seems Britain is already reaching out and doing good business beyond the EEA.

The UK business visa is designed to work alongside other categories of visa – notably the entrepreneur visa, and the representative visa – as a means to allow for the benefits of trans-national trade to be brought to the UK. The standard fee for a UK business visa is £546.

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