The UK Ancestry visa is open to adult (17 years old or over) commonwealth citizens who can prove that at least one of their grandparents was born in the UK, The Isle of Man or the Channel Islands; that they are able and planning to work in the UK, and that they are able to support themselves and their dependants. The cost of the visa is £405 and applications are typically processed within three weeks although applications must be made three months before travelling to the Uk.

Simple practical steps

In practical terms, as long as applicants are certain of their grand-parent’s status the administration of any application is relatively straightforward. Birth certificates can be readily traced as confirmation of the application. The level of proof of self-sufficiency effectively means that applicants are able to show that they have the equivalent of £1600 available to them 90 days ahead of the application. Importantly, the readiness to work requirement does not mean that applicants must have a job to take up as soon as they arrive in the UK, merely that they can show that they are looking for work.

Specific appeal

The Ancestry visas is, understandably perhaps, particularly attractive to citizens of countries that were historically subject to high levels of immigration from the UK: South Africa, Canada, Australia and the USA. The Ancestry visa entitles the holder to an initial five years’ stay in the UK which can lead the way towards qualification for Indefinite Leave to Remain which is itself a significant step towards securing full UK citizenship.

Considerable controversy was stirred in 2005 and again in 2008 when proposals to scrap the scheme were put forward, but the move was blocked on the basis of the strong historical ties that Britain shares with its former colonies. As a result, the Ancestry Visa remains an attractive option to those suitably qualified.

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