As the effects of this April’s changes to the Tier 2 Sponsor requirements begin to play out, protests against the new regime grow ever louder. As of April 2015, employers have been obliged to prove that they have been unable to recruit domestic (i.e. UK resident and qualified) workers as part of their application process. Evidencing such a negative result is far from straightforward.

From the most partisan viewpoint, such a requirement gives assessors the option to reject almost any application they don’t like the look of. More straightforwardly, it slows, and adds costs to, the recruitment process.

A CBI debate in Leeds on November 30th saw strong condemnation of what many delegates saw as the arbitrary, purely political restrictions placed on the recruitment of qualified staff, as delivered by the Tier 2 Sponsor Licence criteria. A CBI survey found that three quarters of businesses in the Yorkshire area had experienced difficulties in recruiting graduates in the fields of mathematics, engineering, science and technology sectors.

Even more seriously, the same survey found that as many as 25% of businesses in the same area had simply been unable to fill such high value, post-graduate level vacancies. Yorkshire’s CBI regional director Lucy Thorneycroft described the situation as a ‘huge issue’ and one that was already damaging the competitiveness of British business.

Those complaints from the CBI echo similar protests made recently by representatives of the financial services industry. The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment complained that the current Tier 2 Sponsor scheme is at odds with London’s highly valued status as a global talent pool. A CISI survey found that 73% of its members believed the effects of the current scheme would damage the UK’s ability to compete for the best talent.

Such high level objections to the Tier 2 Sponsor scheme come on the back of similar protestations made by nursing bodies and representatives of the IT sector. To date, all those protests appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

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