The number of Tier 2 Sponsor licence suspensions is rising all the time. The Government’s determination to reduce the headline immigration figure has prompted an energetic policing of the Tier 2 sponsor programme with the result that licenses are being suspended – and in the most serious cases – rescinded on sometimes questionable grounds.

Activists point to the current regime as having a negative effect on Tier 2 sponsor licence holders’ business – since a great deal of administration is required to be continuously updated in order to satisfy inspection requirements. In other words, employers are having to absorb the costs associated with the policing of the licence. Inevitably this makes such businesses less competitive.

A corollary to that reduced competitiveness is to make the prospect of applying for a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence less attractive in the first place. It has been argued that, from a broad perspective, this represents a retrograde step in terms of engendering a healthy, vibrant and internationally competitive business culture.

Such complaints are falling on deaf ears as the government continues to target its appeal most strongly towards those amongst the electorate for whom being ‘tough on immigration’ represents an important vote winner, irrespective of the practical effects that such rhetoric gives rise to.

The reality of such a politically motivated, heavy-handed policing of the immigration laws can be devastating for anyone directly involved in a Tier 2 sponsor licence suspension. For employees a loss of income and residency rights are not easy matters to deal with. For employers, the loss of their Tier 2 Sponsor Licence can be potentially ruinous.

Needless to say, given that UKBA inspectors may visit a business unannounced, there is a heavy onus on businesses owners and administrators to devote considerable time and energy to ensuring that their records are kept up to date and that their staff are operating entirely within the terms of the Tier 2 sponsor licence at all times.

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